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The Effective Use Of Retail Catalogs Wholesale catalogues are still capable of acting as an excellent selling tool despite the fact that most things are done electronically today. While many people are conducting their research and orders online, there are still numerous consumers who prefer printed wholesale catalog or just may lack of online access. As a quick example, there are a number of store owners of clothing shops who do not have enough time to surf the web because they are often a one-man team who operates the business. Say that the shop owner has you catalog in the shop, then he or she can scan through pages easily especially when things are running slow. And even if the clients may not look interested at first, it can help in changing their minds. Another known benefit of having a hard copy of catalogue is the fact that it stays in the hands of customers for longer period of time compared to a website where they can easily navigate away. According to studies, it showed that online shoppers are making a decision on whether to stay on a site or not in the first ten seconds of seeing it. So just imagine if you have tons of wholesale products but the shop owner doesn’t like the website’s layout, you may potentially lose their attention.
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In the next paragraphs, you are going to discover the 3 different kinds of catalogs that may be used by store owners.
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Supply Catalogs – this is created mainly to work within business to business relationship that is indicating that you are selling your services or products to other businesses. Normally included in supply catalog are item numbers, products as well as detail specifications on each product. There is also an included pricing along with other pricing details such as contact info, shipping info, minimum orders and so forth. Some of the supply catalogs can even be used in having order form template that may be used by clients to make their orders. Retail Catalogs – when your service or business products are catering directly to the public, retail catalog is what you must use. As a matter of fact, it is in retail catalog to which its design is very important in order to capture the attention and the interest of clients to look further in your product selections and be convinced to buy them. This catalog should and can deliver a wow factor. Without a doubt, using high quality photos for the products and have it layered out professionally is a must. Digital Catalogs – with world of technology moving so fast day by day, we must be aware of digital opportunities as well. Getting a virtual catalog of products are a lot easier today. With access to the right tools, your catalog can be easily downloaded and viewed to your customer’s computer, tablets, smart phones or whatever device they are using.